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Casino Credit
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Get Your Share of Casino Comps

Simply put, comps are complimentary (read free) goods and services provided by the casino for the enjoyment of their patrons. Comps are the icing on the cake for the casino player. They can range from free soft drinks on the low end all the way to free luxury suites and private jet flights to Vegas on the high end, with everything in between. They are available to EVERYBODY who gambles at a casino. Even the small time player at the nickel slots can get their share. The quality and quantity of comps the player receives are dependent upon how much the casino thinks you are gambling, and where you gamble.

This short guide to comps is directed at the mid to low roller gambler. The high rollers already know how the comps game works and don't need me to help them out. What most people don't know is that comps are available to EVERYONE who gambles at the casino. Even if you risk as little as $20 a session, you are eligible for comps. Just remember, the casino WANTS to give you comps. They want to make you feel welcome and comfortable in their establishment. They want you to enjoy yourself and come back often. Most importantly, the casino wants you to stay put and keep gambling. That's why they will bring you free drinks. You are at the casino to have fun. Receive and enjoy your share of comps, trust me you have earned them.

Everybody get comps. At the lowest level, casinos will comp anybody who even looks like they are playing at a slot machine, table game, or a sports book. The comps at this level are free soft drinks in all casinos and free cocktails in some jurisdictions. You don't need to fill out a form or even join a slot club to enjoy these freebies. They are also in addition to any comps you may receive if you are a slot club member. Usually the cocktail waitress will notice you gambling and ask you if you want a drink. If you accept these comps, just remember, the drink is free but, you must tip the waitress for the service. There are two reasons for this. One, if you expect her to come back, you have to make it worth her while. Second, these people work for minimum wage, the bulk of their income comes from tips. Just remember, the comps are free, the service must be compensated by you.

How does the average guy get on the comps bandwagon? Easy, join the slot club. Every casino has a slot club or players club. The casino looks on the players club as one of its major marketing efforts. The procedure for joining is simple. Just ask any employee where the player's club booth is. The person manning the booth will fill out a membership card for you and ask for some photo ID. You will be issued a credit card sized players card in your name. It is now time to invoke the next rule of comps, "Obtain an additional players card". Just ask for one, if the employee balks, tell them that you like to play two machines at once. Players cards are disposable. They will issue you another one or two just for asking so don't worry if you lose one.

When you go to a slot machine, insert your card in the card reader, making sure that the card is accepted. You are now connected to the players club computer which will start to record your play. All you have to do is go about your normal play. The reason you got two cards is that many people gamble with a partner. Give the extra card to your partner and you will rack up double the amount of points. This is a much better method than both of you joining the club. There are other reasons for the greedy and unscrupulous to get an extra card.

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Our Services are 100% no cost to you


Our services are free, because the casino will pay us based on the amount of casino action you give while your staying at the casino. If you win or lose we still get paid, so it is worth it to us to handle every aspect of your reservations.
There is no risk to you, If you are going anyway, let us get you setup like you have been going to our casinos for years.
So let us take the whole hassle of booking all your reservations.  

Casino Credit
Casino Reservations
Customer Profile




The Benefit to setting up your account one time is:

  • If you play on credit accounts ( We have  you're info on file and will forward it to the next casino, upon your request).
  • We know your room preference.
  • We know what amenities (like liquor) that you like in your room.
  • We can book your air and ground transportation for you.
  • All dinner and shows can be booked for you, prior to arrival.
  • Player's account setup for you, prior to arrival.
  • The best rooms, even when the property is sold out.
  • Numerous properties to choose from, with more being added all the time.

Just fill out the customer profile and/or  credit application (if you like) and we will handle the rest.       Or call us at (877) 532-5433