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Gambling Information for Women
While gambling has increased among nearly all groups of people in recent years, it is increasing most rapidly among women. For most women, gambling doesn't cause problems. However, for some, it can become an addiction that leads to serious family and financial problems. Women can be especially vulnerable because they often differ from men who gamble in several ways....

Online Casinos for Women: Casino Betty
When Gambling Online Magazine told me that I was going to be writing for a women's interest column in their magazine I was floored. It's not everyday that a female writer from California gets asked to write about the macho world of gambling, and it's rarer still for a gambling magazine to donate its valuable pages to women's interests.

Why Women Gamble on-line!
There was a time when bingo was the only socially acceptable form of gambling for women. But things have changed. The high speed, easy access, and anonymity of the Internet have made online gambling an attractive alternative for today's computer-savvy woman. But what's the appeal? And why are more women doing it?

Women and Gambling
Women and gambling: The tax on betting was removed this weekend and the result could be that more of us will nip down to the bookies for a flutter. And only last week, the internet gambling operation Aspinalls announced that they were specifically targeting women who apparently are much more likely to place bets online. ......

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